How Was The Slot Machine Beaten?

Empty spin is the normal rotation of the rings without gain. For each individual machine gun it is necessary to determine the maximum number of such spins. Once this number is reached, the gambler must move on to another toy.

Now the strategy itself. First, divide your game money into several equal shares. For example, you have $ 1000. Choose from 5 cars, $ 200 each. Start the game with minimum bets to determine the number of empty spins. Also consider the marginal loss for yourself. Be realistic in defining these numbers and strictly follow the strategy. If this is not done, then gaining in gaming machines is simply unrealistic. In case of limiting empty spins or losing part of the bankroll, we move on to another toy. For example, you set the boundary from 20 blank spins. Provided that you reach this figure and there is no victory, you have to leave the car. If you win something, you need to withdraw money and restart the game session.

“One Game”

This strategy is quite risky. Its meaning is that you choose any interesting toy and make the maximum bet on the first back. If the lucky one smiles, break the winning amount into small bets and continue the session. So do all those who know how to defeat slot machines. If you lose credit in the first sphere, move on to another slot. Some gamblers believe that the first tip of the rails often wins, and the casino specifically fixes this for seeing them.

“Above the stairs”

To begin, decide on the stakes. That is, decide how much you will not bet on less than that. If rolling the rails will bring nothing, then the bet does not change. In case of victory, its size should be doubled. Then follow the same principle: when you win, your bet is doubled, and when you lose twice, you reduce.

If you can “catch” the wave, then you can get a decent amount. The main advantage of this strategy is that large bets are placed on the money already won. Winnings are double the amount of the bet. For example, if the bet was one dollar, and you won one and a half, then for the next spin it should not increase by two. Many experienced gamblers will notice that this strategy is very similar to the Martingale roulette system.

The essence of this system is that the player gradually increases or decreases the size of the bet. Umbrella strategy does not have strict rules. It is quite diverse and everyone can customize it to their own needs. The only thing you need to consider is three factors:

  • Game Time.
  • Style (conservative, moderate or aggressive).
  • Bankruptcy is available.

How to defeat a slot machine with this strategy? It is quite simple. To begin, think about the template by which you place your bet. Decide on a minimum threshold, then increase the amount and then decrease it again. Avoid spikes. Change the size of your offer smoothly. His move does not have to be the same.

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